Amazon Simple Workflow Service を発表いたします

22日の夕方に届いたメールは AWS が Simple Workflow Service というサービスの発表でした。ワークフローシステム?をSaaSで提供するってことなんでしょうか。プログラミング部品を組み合わせてオリジナルのシステムを作るためのフレームワーク的なもののような雰囲気です。

From: Amazon Web Services <>
Subject:  Announcing Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 08:50:51 +0000 (UTC)

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer,

We are excited to announce Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF), a new web service that helps you coordinate the various processing steps in your applications and manage distributed execution state. Whether you are implementing business processes or building applications for infrastructure automation and data processing, Amazon SWF provides a reliable, cost-effective coordination infrastructure that enables you to focus on the differentiating aspects of your applications. 

Amazon SWF provides:
- Ease of use. When using Amazon SWF, developers can use any combination of programming languages in implementing the application components and the application flow logic. 
- Consistent execution state management. Amazon SWF reliably tracks the execution state of an application across distributed components and helps manage execution dependencies, scheduling and concurrency.
- Reliable and flexible task distribution. Amazon SWF guarantees non-duplicated dispatch of tasks to application components and makes it easy to build complex application flows.
- Full control over application execution.  When using Amazon SWF, customers retain complete freedom in building, deploying and selectively scaling application components.
- A programming framework that helps developers easily incorporate asynchronous and event-driven programming into their applications.

Amazon SWF helps you build applications that scale efficiently, are tolerant to partial failures and are truly distributed. You can learn more by visiting the Amazon SWF page at or joining our webinar on March 13, 2012 at . To see how customers are using Amazon SWF, please see the case studies at

The Amazon Web Services Team

Please note that your use of Amazon Simple Workflow Service is subject to the AWS Customer Agreement that you can find at

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