Announcing High I/O Quadruple Extra Large, SSD-based instances for Amazon EC2 〜 高性能I/Oの4倍エクストララージ SSDベースインスタンスのご案内

Amazon EC2SSD搭載でI/O性能を強化しメモリもどっちゃり積んだ新しいインスタンス(hi1.4xlarge)が登場したようです。

From: Amazon Web Services
Subject: Announcing High I/O Quadruple Extra Large, SSD-based instances for Amazon EC2
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 08:29:46 +0000 (UTC)

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of a new Amazon EC2 instance type, High I/O Quadruple Extra large (hi1.4xlarge). High I/O instances are ideal for customers with applications that require low latency access to high-speed storage for their applications across a number of use cases including media streaming, mobile, social networking, transactional systems and gaming. High I/O instances are particularly well suited for running NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB.

Many of our customers run applications that benefit from the high I/O capacity of SSDs. High I/O instances are optimized to service such applications. hi1.4xlarge instances come with eight virtual cores that can deliver 35 EC2 Compute Units (ECUs) of CPU performance, 60.5 GiB of RAM, and 2 TiB of storage capacity across two SSD-based storage volumes. Customers using hi1.4xlarge instances for their applications can expect over 120,000 4 KB random write IOPS, and as many as 85,000 random write IOPS (depending on active LBA span). These instances are available on a 10 Gbps network, with the ability to launch instances into cluster placement groups for low-latency, full-bisection bandwidth networking.

High I/O instances are currently available in three Availability Zones in US East (N. Virginia) and two Availability Zones in EU West (Ireland) regions. Other regions will be supported in the coming months. You can launch hi1.4xlarge instances as On Demand instances starting at $3.10/hour, and purchase them as Reserved Instances. Instances can be launched in Amazon VPC in all supported Availability Zones. You can find more about High I/O instances by visiting the


The Amazon EC2 team

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