man memcached-tool

MEMCACHED-TOOL(1)                                            MEMCACHED-TOOL(1)

       memcached-tool - stats and management tool for memcached

       memcached-tool <host[:port] | /path/to/socket> [mode]

       memcached-tool is a Perl script used to print statistics from a running
       memcached instance.  The first parameter specifies the address  of  the
       daemon  either  by  a  hostname, optionally followed by the port number
       (the default is 11211), or a path to UNIX  domain  socket.  The  second
       parameter specifies the mode in which the tool should run.

              Print slab class statistics. This is the default mode if no mode
              is specified.  The printed columns are:

              #      Number of the slab class.

                     The amount of space each chunk uses. One  item  uses  one
                     chunk of the appropriate size.

                     Age of the oldest item in the LRU.

              Pages  Total number of pages allocated to the slab class.

              Count  Number  of  items presently stored in this class. Expired
                     items are not automatically excluded.

              Full?  Yes if there are no free chunks at the end  of  the  last
                     allocated page.

                     Number  of  times  an item had to be evicted from the LRU
                     before it expired.

                     Seconds since the last access for the  most  recent  item
                     evicted from this class.

              OOM    Number  of  times the underlying slab class was unable to
                     store a new item.

       stats  Print general-purpose statistics of the daemon. Each  line  con-
              tains the name of the statistic and its value.

       dump   Make  a  partial dump of the cache written in the add statements
              of the memcached protocol.


       The   memcached-tool   script   was   written   by   Brad   Fitzpatrick

                                  Jul 2, 2013                MEMCACHED-TOOL(1)