NetBeans jVi Font Size Problem

jVi Version Information
Running: jVi 1.5.3 (This is the latest release)
Install "jVi for Netbeans 7.0 Update Center" with Tools>Plugins>AvailablePlugins
(source: Plugin Portal, category: editing)
* see CHANGES about:
*     1.5.x: fold commands & fdo option, smarter scrolling, visual bell option
*     split, resize and move window commands, e.g. Ctrl-W_s, Ctrl-W_=, Ctrl-W_L
*     multi-char {lhs} mappings, including insert mode, w/timeout options
See jVi recent features and CHANGES at website.
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Font Size Problem
jVi works best with fixed size fonts.

Font size problem for Language: 'PHP (text/x-php5)'

The following specify a variable size font:
                            マジック定数/'PHP (text/x-php5)'
                   コード・カバレージ - 部分的/'PHP (text/x-php5)'
                    コード・カバレージ - 推測/'PHP (text/x-php5)'
                  コード・カバレージ - 未カバー/'PHP (text/x-php5)'
                  コード・カバレージ - カバー済/'PHP (text/x-php5)'