DELL の OMSA で ディスク が Status Non-Critical と報告される

RE: OMSA 7.1 reports disks as non-critical, but there is nothing wrong with them...

We are using a poweredge r410 with the latest perc 700 firmware. The disks still appear to be faulty when you log into omsa web interface, when they are in fact online, spun up and working 100% in the OS. How do I get rid of this alarm?

最新ファームの PERC700 を搭載した PowerEdge R410を使ってる。
実際はOS上から利用できて、動作してて、100% 稼動しているのに。

The details of the disks are no indicating any faults, but instead of reporting as online they are reporting in as non-critical.

ディスクの詳細はなんら障害を示していない。でも online ではなく no-critical を報告している。

It shows you are using non certified drives, which will throw the error. There is a firmware mismatch between the drive and controller. The drive will function normally.


Drill down to see where the warning comes from. It could be because they are not Dell sanctioned drives. No big. They are fine. Look at the status and see if any failures are imminent. If not, that's the reason.